·         Charles Rubenstein (IEEE-USA)


> General Co-Chairs

·         Evangelos A. Yfantis (University of Nevada, Las Vegas)

·         Son Vuong (University of British Columbia)

·         Satyajit Chakrabarti (Institute of Engineering & Management)

> Technical Program Co-Chairs

·         Pierre Larochelle(South Dakota School of Mines & Technology)

·         Himadri Nath Saha(Institute of Engineering and Management)

·         Robert Mitchell(Sandia National Laboratories.)

> Finance Chair

·         Charles Rubenstein (IEEE-USA)

> Publication Chair

·         Nabeeh Kandalaft (Grand Valley State University,USA)

> Publicity Chair

·         Himadri Nath Saha (Institute of Engineering and Management)


> VLSI technology, CAD algorithms and Computer Architecture

·         Jay Chandra (Wayne State University)

·         Michael A. Turi (California State University)

·         Hussain Al-Asaad (University of California)

·         Miaoqing Huang ( University of Arkansas )

·         Pramod Govindan (University of North Florida )

·         Selcuk Kose (University of South Florida)

·         Edward John Nava (University of New Mexico)

·         Darshika G. Perera(University of Colorado)

·         Yuteng Zhou(Worcester Polytechnic Institute)

·         Adam Lewis (Athens State University)

>Modeling ,Simulation and Software Engineering

·         Rajendran Swamidurai (Alabama State University)

·         Steven Demurjian (University of Connecticut )

·         Yashwant K. Malaiya (Colorado State University)

·         Hyunju Kim (Jackson State University)

·         Jody Paul (Metropolitan State University of Denver)

> Signal Processing , Microwaves , Nanotechnology and Devices

·         Sanjay Banerjee (University of Texas, Austin)

·         Biswajit Das (University of Nevada )

·         Marc Cahay (University of Cincinnati)

·         Supriyo Bandyopadhyay (Virginia Commonwealth University)

·         Zhi Chen ( University of Arkansas )

·         Hameed Badawy(New Mexico State University)

·         Chunhua Feng (Alabama State University)

·         Siyang Cao (University of Arizona)

·         Waseem Asghar (Florida Atlantic University)

·         Nima Ghalichechian (Ohio State University)

·         Nezih Pala (Florida International University)

·         Majeed M. Hayat(University of New Mexico)

>Time Series Analysis,Rough Sets and Intelligent Systems

·         Arnab Bose (University of Chicago)

·         Shalabh Gupta (University of Connecticut)

·         Trung Duong (Colorado State University - Pueblo)

>Wireless Networks & Cybersecurity; Mobile Computing and Security

·         Lawrence Rodis(College of Southern Nevada)

·         Kun Hua ( Lawrence Technological University )

·         Qinghua Li ( University of Arkansas )

·         Raghu Raghavendra (University of Southern California )

·         April Tanner ( Jackson State University)

·         Natarajan Meghanathan( Jackson State University)

·         Bob Gill (British Columbia Institute of Technology)

·         Andreas Haeberlen(University of Pennsylvania)

·         Eric Burger (Georgetown University)

·         S. S. Iyengar (Louisiana State University)

·         Navid Asadi (University of Florida )

·         Ezhil Kalaimannan (University of West Florida)

·         Amitabh Mishra (University of West Florida)

·         Swapnoneel Roy (University of North Florida )

·         Jason Hallstrom (Florida Atlantic University)

·         Hyung Jae Chang (Troy University)

·         Todd McDonald (University of South Alabama)

·         Mark Yampolskiy (University of South Alabama)

·         Mehrdad Nojoumian (Florida Atlantic University)

·         Ali Abu-El Humos (Jackson State University)

·         Ahmed Ibrahim Mohamed (Florida International University)

·         Willie Harrison (University of Colorado)

·         Mohamed Shaban (Southern Arkansas University)

·         James A. Jerkins (University of North Alabama)

·         Waleed Al-Assadi(University of South Alabama)

·         Richa Jethwani(University of South Alabama)

·         David E. Culler(University of California at Berkeley )

·         Alireza Ghasempour (University of Applied Science and Technology)

·         Robert Mitchell (Sandia National Laboratories)

·         John Dian (British Columbia Institute of Technology)

>Distributed systems and Cloud computing

·         Jen Juan Li (North Dakota State University )

·         Prodipta De (Stony Brook University )

·         Mai Zheng (New Mexico State University )

·         Thomas Hauser (University of Colorado)

·         Xiaozhou Li (Princeton University)

>Computer Algorithms & Theory and Parallel Computing

·         Craig Douglas (Yale University)

·         Phillip G. Bradford (University of Connecticut)

·         Son Tran (New Mexico State University)

·         Amal Abd El-Raouf (Southern Connecticut State University)

·         Gerard Bernabeu (Fermilab)

·         Abhishek Verma (New Jersey City University,USA)

>Power Electronics and Renewable Energy

·         Jaber A. Abu Qahouq (University of Alabama)

·         Mehdi ganji(Illinois Institute of Technology)

·         Shuhui Li (University of Alabama)

·         Alexandre Nardes (Metropolitan State University of Denver)

·         Ashanthi S Maxworth (Metropolitan State University of Denver)

>Machine Learning, Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Image Processing

·         Ching-Hua Chuan(University of North Florida)

·         Md Shafaeat Hossain (Southern Connecticut State University)

·         Jin Lu (University of Connecticut)

·         Qingxue Zhang (Harvard University and Massachusetts General Hospital)

·         Kenji Suzuki (Illinois Institute of Technology)

·         Lin Huang (Metropolitan State University of Denver)

·         Chao Liu (University of Colorado )

·         Sandra Biedron(Colorado State University )

·         Bhanu Prasad( Florida A&M University)

·         Gerald Sobelman(University of Minnesota)

·         Moises Levy (Florida Atlantic University)

·         Quazi Ehsanul Kabir Mamun (Charles Sturt University, Australia)

Abhishek Verma (New Jersey City University,USA)


>Biomedical and Bio Engineering, Algorithmic Biology and Bioinformatics

·         Hamidreza Chitsaz (Colorado State University)

·         Norly Germain (University of Rhode Island)

·         Salvatore D. Morgera (University of South Florida)

·         Wei Zeng (Florida International University)

Morteza Modaresi (Tehran Medical University)


Important Deadlines

Full Paper Submission:28th November 2017
Acceptance Notification: 10th December 2017
Final Paper Submission:20th December 2017
Early Bird Registration: 20th December 2017
Presentation Submission: 25th December 2017
Conference: 8th-10th January 2018


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• Conference Proceedings will be submitted for publication at IEEE Xplore Digital Library
• Best Paper Award will be given for each tracks
• There will be two workshops on-
i. Data Analysis and ii. IoT on Jan 10, 2018
• There will be Corporate Exhibitions and Product Display on 8th and 9th January of 2018.
• Conference Record No- 41889